We are offering the following classes every week out into the foreseeable future.  We also expect to be adding to our course offerings as we expand upon our classroom space and add instructors.  We recommend choosing primary and alternate dates for training just in case the course is filled for your first choice.  To schedule a course call the store at 513-772-3343 or stop by.  The course cost is $150.00 and we require a non-refundable deposit of at least $75.00 to reserve a training spot.


Tuesday/Wednesday Evening Class: (Offered Every Other week Unless We Have Enough To Fill Another Class)
- Tue:  5-11 PM Classroom
- Wed: 5-9 PM Classroom; 9-11 PM Range

Thursday/Friday Morning Class: 
- Thu:  8AM-2PM Classroom 
- Fri:   8-10AM Range; 10AM-2PM Classroom

Saturday/Sunday Class:
- Sat:  8AM-2PM Classroom
- Sun: 8-10 AM Range; 10AM-2PM Classroom


Saturday/Sunday Evening Class:  (Available Only For Group Scheduling*)
- Sat:  5-11 PM Classroom
- Sun: 5-9 PM Classroom; 9-11 PM Range

Wednesday 12-Hour Class: 11AM-11PM  (Available For Group Scheduling*)

*  This class schedule is only available for groups that want to attend together outside of the regular class schedule.  To schedule this class, the group must have at least 10 students.  Current desired max size is 14 students.

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Target World's course was designed to exceed the requirements set by H.B. 12, passed by the Ohio General Assembly.  Specifically, this course includes the following:

 Ten Hours of Classroom Training Covering:

I.          Pistol Knowledge and Safe Gun Handling  (2 hours)
            A) Revolver Knowledge
            B) Semi Auto Pistol Knowledge
            C) Operating Revolvers and Semi Autos
            D) Safe Gun Handling
            E) Safe Pistol Handling Practical Exercise

II.        Ammunition Knowledge and Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting (2 hours)
            A) Pistol Ammunition
            B) Determine Dominant Eye
            C) Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting (Position, Grip, Breath Control, Sight Alignment, Trigger Squeeze, Follow Through)

III.       Firing the First Shots   (1 hour)
            A) Review 3 Safety Rules
            B) Firing the First Shots (Bench rest position, dry fire at targets in classroom)
            C) Caring for Pistol (Cleaning, storing, making safe)

IV.       Two Handed and One Handed Standing Shooting Positions  (1 hour)
            A) Two Handed Standing Positions
            B) One Handed Standing Position
            C) Selecting a Pistol

V.        Introduction to Defensive Shooting  (1 hour)
            A) Ethical Responsibility
            B) Mindset
            C) Mental Awareness
            D) Confronting an intruder or assailant
            E) Shoot to Stop Threat

VI.       Strategies for Home Safety and Responding to a Violent Confrontation  (1 hour)
VII.      Selecting a Handgun for Self Defense  (˝ hour)

VIII.     Methods of Concealed Carry, Types of Holsters  (˝ hour)

IX.       Written Competency Exam  (1 hour) 

Two Hours of Range Time and Live Fire Using The Following Course Of Fire:

Live Ammunition on Range
Target:  Blank Paper
Distance: 3 yards 

1 round for familiarization  (repeat 6 times)                                            6 rounds
6 rounds practice  (bench rest if possible)                                             6 rounds
6 rounds practice  (bench rest if possible)                                             6 rounds

Target used:  B27 Silhouette

12 rounds practice, shoot center of mass)                                             12 rounds

Demonstration of Weaver and Isosceles Stances by Range Officers

6 rounds standing (choice of stance)                                                     6 rounds
Repeat 12 more rounds                                                                       12 rounds
                                                                                                      (48 rounds total)

Qualification Phase

Target used:  B27 Silhouette  (new)

12 rounds fired from 7 yards  (10 rounds minimum in 7 ring)                        12 rounds

18 rounds from 3 yards  (15 rounds minimum in 7 ring)                               18 rounds
                                                                                                       (30 rounds total)

This is a three hour course designed to build upon the initial qualifying concealed carry course. If covers a number of advanced topics for the CHL holder who wants to take his knowledge tot he next level. The course outline is as follows:

Overview of Current Ohio Concealed Carry Laws

Concealment issues and equipment
- Carry Locations
      App. Forward, Strong Side, Shoulder/cross draw, S.O.B., Ankle, Off Body
- Belts & Holsters
      Belts: Leather/Cloth
      Holsters: Kydex, Leather, Cloth, universal vs custom fitted, retention vs open top,
      Mag pouches: leather, kydex, single vs double.
- Concealment garments
      Colors and patterns vs solids
      Heavy vs light
      Closed front vs open front

Accessing & Smooth Draw
      Garment clearing
      Obtaining combat grip
      Draw & rotate toward target
      Two handed grip
      Full extension towards target vs firing from chest ready in CQ situation

Use of sights
      Hi-viz vs standard
      Night sights
      Front sight focus vs point shooting in CQ situation

Trigger Management
      Finger placement
      Press vs “pull”
      Trigger reset

Targeting areas
      “Center Mass vs upper chest”T
      Head shots
      CQ target areas
      Precision shots
      Multiple aimed shots vs caliber

Post shooting issues
      Check 360
      Responding law enforcement and/or CHL holders
      Discussing incident details

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